About Popstacle

The aim with the Popstacle exercises is to make the students realize the risks with driving in slippery state, understand the difficulties at different situations, increase the risk awareness and realize their own limitations.

The Benefits

- Down-to-earth Exercises. You cannot see the obstacles when you start and that contributes to a bigger element of surprise.
– Safe System. The system is pneumatically driven (with compressed air) and not with electricity. In that way the safety for all persons on the track is increased.
– Sustainable System. The system is underground and resistant against rust and corrosion. The obstacle consists of rubber and neither the car nor the system is damaged at a collision. Popstacle can be installed without any major damage on skidding surface or ground.
– Adaptable. The programming is based on different factors like the speed of the car, distance, time, etc. It is easy to expand the system with more obstacles.